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Building Material Testing Equipments
Building Material Testing Equipments are widely used for testing the characteristics of variou substances such as cement, soil, rock, concrete, asphalt, geo textile, sand & aggregate and many more.
Analytical Instruments
Analytical Instruments are appreciated for their accurate testing and easy usage. These are used for testing tensile and compressive strength of a material. Our tools have a modular design and light weight.
Traffic & Transportation Equipment
Traffic & Transportation Equipment is constructed for minimizing traffic problems and achieving trtaffic efficiency. It provides prior information about traffic, seat availability, local convenience real-time running information.
Timing & Synchronization System
Timing & Synchronization System inclue GPS which is beneficial in conveying time information. It is highly efficient and known for its optimum performance, simple usage and maximum reliability.
Condition Monitoring & Alignment System
Condition Monitoring & Alignment System provides 24x7 remote monitoring along with reduction in unplanned downtime as well as warnings of potential failures. It is accustomed with simple features and compact design.
Analytical Research Equipment
Analytical Research Equipment find its applications in different fields such as clinical, pharmaceutical, food-processing laboratories, chemical, oil refineries and so on. It provides excellent analysing properties.
Geophysical Equipment
Geophysical Equipment is applicable for academic research and also used in industries for detecting fluctuations in magnetic as well as gravitational field. It is known for its high efficiency and accuracy.
Healthcare and Medical Instrument
Healthcare and Medical Instrument is extensively used in medical and healthcare centers for treating patients as well as helping them overcoming disease and getting an improved lifestyle.
Healthcare & IT Solutions
Healthcare & IT Solutions deal with sharing, storage as well as retrieval of uses of health care informations, communication & decision making, data etc. These are helpful for the staff in many ways.
Material Characterization System
Material Characterization System is designed to characterize different qualities of materials such as compressive, tensile, torsional, toughness, hardness, fatigue, creep and other properties. This system is acclaimed for its high efficiency.
Non Destructive Testing Instruments
Non Destructive Testing Instruments are suitable for examining components and materials without destroying or changing their usefulness. These are also used for finding defects as well as subsurface flaws.

Structural Monitoring Instruments
Structural Monitoring Instruments find their applications in monitoring infrastructures that are under construction. These are also used during operational phase for verifying as well as finding defects for reducing risk.
Inspection Equipments
Inspection Equipments are beneficial in avoiding illness, incidents and injuries as well. These are widely acclaimed for their longer functional life, high efficiency, simple usage, smooth functioning and reliability.

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